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Pencil[B]Paints voxels in 3D mode. Draws new voxel in 2D Slice-Mode.
Eraser[E]Deletes voxels.
Attach Tool[A]Attaches new voxels to the side of existing voxels.
Paint Tool Paints voxels, does not add new ones.
Freehand Tool Works on a freely drawn line.
Line Tool  Works on a straight line.
Rectangle Tool Works on a rectangle.
Paint Bucket[G]Recolor voxels of same or similar color.
Magic Wand[W]Select voxels of same or similar color.
Move Tool[V]Moves a selection of objects or voxels.
Rectangular Select Tool[M]Selects object and voxels inside a rectangular area.
Box Select Tool Selects voxels inside a box.
Paint Selection Tool Selects voxels freehand.
Resize Tool Resizes a selected object.
Extrude Tool Moves a selection of objects or voxels.
Cube Tool Draws a cube.
Sphere Tool Draws a sphere.
Pyramid Tool Draws a pyramid
Cone Tool Draws a cone
Cylinder Tool Draws a cylinder