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Auxiliary Tools

Use the Auxiliary Tools to select, move and resize.

Table of contents

  1. Overview
  2. How to use Auxiliary Tools
    1. Move Tool
    2. Rectangular Select Tool
    3. Box Select Tool
    4. Paint Selection Tool
    5. Resize Tool


Move Tool[V]Moves a selection of objects or voxels.
Rectangular Select Tool[M]Selects object and voxels inside a rectangular area.
Box Select Tool Selects voxels inside a box.
Paint Selection Tool Selects voxels freehand.
Resize Tool Resizes a selected object.

How to use Auxiliary Tools

Move Tool

Drag move handlesMove selection.
Click objectSelect object.
Click voxelSelect contiguous area of voxels.
Drag rectangleSelect objects inside rectangular area.

Rectangular Select Tool

Click object/voxelSelect object/voxel.
[Shift] + Click object/voxelAdd object/voxel to selection.
[Ctrl] + Click object/voxelRemove object/voxel from selection.
Drag rectangleSelect objects or voxels inside rectangular area.
[Shift] + Drag rectangleAdd objects or voxels inside rectangular area to selection.
[Ctrl] + Drag rectangleRemove objects or voxels inside rectangular area from selection.

Box Select Tool

Mouse Down on voxel + Drag rectangleSet select-box base.
Drag handlesResize select-box.
[Enter]Select voxels inside select-box

Paint Selection Tool

DragFreehand select.

Resize Tool

Click objectSelect object.
Drag handlesResize object.