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Draw Tools

Use the Draw Tools to add, erase or paint voxels.

Table of contents

  1. Overview
  2. How to use Draw Tools
    1. Pencil, Eraser, Attach, Paint
    2. Freehand Tool
    3. Line Tool
    4. Rectangle Tool
  3. Example


Pencil[B]Paints voxels in 3D mode. Draws new voxel in 2D Slice-Mode.
Eraser[E]Deletes voxels.
Attach Tool[A]Attaches new voxels to the side of existing voxels.
Paint Tool Paints voxels, does not add new ones.
Freehand Tool Works on a freely drawn line.
Line Tool Works on a straight line.
Rectangle Tool Works on a rectangle.

How to use Draw Tools

Pencil, Eraser, Attach, Paint

Click voxel A -> [Shift] + Click voxel BLine from voxel A to voxel B
[Ctrl] + DragRectangle
[Alt] + Click voxelPick foreground color

Freehand Tool

DragPaint voxels freehand.
[Shift] + DragAttaches new voxels freehand.
[Ctrl] + DragErases voxels freehand.
[Alt] + Click voxelPick foreground color

Line Tool

First ClickStart new line in paint mode.
First [Shift] + ClickStart new line in attach mode.
First [Ctrl] + ClickStart new line in erase mode.
Next ClicksSet line point, perform action (paint/attach/erase).
[Esc]Finish line.
[Alt] + Click voxelPick foreground color

Rectangle Tool

DragPaint voxels inside rectangle.
[Shift] + DragAdds new voxels inside rectangle.
[Ctrl] + DragErases voxels inside rectangle.
[Alt] + Click voxelPick foreground color


Use Pencil and Click Voxel A then [Shift] + Click Voxel B to draw a line:

Use Pencil and hold down [Ctrl] while dragging to draw a rectangle: