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Qubicle 3.0 Documentation

Qubicle is an easy to learn 3D editor based on voxels.

Though modeling with voxels is way easier than the more conventional approach of manipulating vertices of a 3D mesh, starting a new tool and looking at all the buttons can be quite daunting. Qubicle is no different in that regard. But don’t worry, this documentation is here to help. And don’t forget: a lot of buttons may indicate a lot of power. Let’s find out!

This documentation is mostly based on Qubicle’s main menu. So, if you have a question on a menu entry you will quickly find it in the navigation on the left.

Get Qubicle

Getting started

The best way to start is by watching a video. You can find some good ones on After getting your first impression, here is a collection of documentation pages that will help you on your way:

Useful Modifiers

  • Use Apply Colors to change every voxel’s color to the closest color of the color map
  • Use Optimize to automatically resize objects to perfectly envelop its content
  • Use Create Compound to join multiple objects in a single compound without loosing the original objects
  • Use Fill Hollows to fill all hollows of a voxel matrix with the foreground color
  • Use Boolean Union to combine objects
  • Use Split Off to separate a selection of voxels into a new object