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Gravity Knight Part 9: Visual Effects.

For visual effects like sparks, dust or clouds we used particles. We wanted them to pick up the simplified look of voxels in a similar way as all with other...

Gravity Knight Part 8: Emission Maps.

As soon as we decided to drop real-time lighting, we had to find alternatives to handle objects that are regionally lit, like torches or lava streams. Spot and point lights...


To put it bluntly, Qubicle is an amazing tool. The most feature complete voxel editor out there. With its highly flexible UI and ease of use, i'd classify Qubicle as the Adobe of voxel editors. The tool works beautifully for both illustrators and developers, the full package.

Zachary Soares, Artist

Qubicle is a pretty, fast and fun voxel editor. I eat about 9 Qubicle blocks for breakfast. There's no real reason to use anything else.

Ben Weatherall, Artist